ADS Pricing Working Group


  • Identify and document innovative pricing options and strategies
  • Be a clearing house for OBJECTIVE, EMPIRICAL evidence on
    • The impact of pricing options on energy use by customer segment
    • Effective marketing and enrollment strategies
    • Key drivers of customer acceptance of time-varying rates
  • Identify policy issues and barriers that impact time-varying pricing and provide objective input concerning how they might be addressed
  • Educate regulators and other policymakers
  • Transfer knowledge from those who have been in the industry for decades to those who will inform policy for decades to come


  • Write one article each year for the ADS newsletter on issues being addressed by the committee.
  • Solicit speakers and a topic for one webinar that would be delivered in conjunction with ADS staff.
  • Work with ADS staff to develop conference agenda items based on issues being addressed by the committee.
  • Develop one stand-alone document addressing an issue or set of issues related to the committee mission statement.


Chair and Board Representative‚Äď Josh Schellenberg (Nexant)
Steve George (Nexant)
Brandi Anderson (SCE)
Evan Pittman (Comverge)
Greg Mandelman (PG&E)
Wayne Harbaugh (BGE)
Jim Reiley (PECO)
Justin Louis (Consert)
Alana Lemarchand (Nexant)
Pamela Dise (National Grid)
Todd Horsman (Consert)
Tom Clark (CMS Energy)
Amro Farid (Engineering Systems Analytics LLC)


If you are interested in joining the Pricing Working Group, please contact Josh Schellenberg.

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