NAP Case Study Interviews

NAP Case Study Interviews focus on the narrative or story of a project or program. The focus is on learning how the program developed and unfolded, along with any lessons learned along the way. These case study interviews were conducted as work projects of the National Action Plan on Demand Response (NAP).


DTE Energy - Derek Kirchner, Principal Supervisor, Demand Response

EnerNOC/Entelios - Tom Schulz, Co-Founder of Entelios AG

Ron Dizy, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer

Gulf Power -
David Eggart, Energy Select Supervisor

Progress Energy Carolinas
- Bob Donaldson, Manager of Demand Response in the Efficiency and Innovative Technology Department

PJM Interconnection - Pete Langbein, Manager of Demand Response Operations

- Bill Harmon, Vice President, Residential Marketing and Product Development

Southern California Edison - Paul Kasick, Project Manager, Tariff Programs and Services

Con Edison - Col Smart, Section Manager for Commercial Customer Solutions

Case Study Interview Series

Welcome to the Case Study Interview series presented by the Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid (ADS). ADS’s mission is to develop and exchange information and expertise on demand, response and smart grid and share that among practitioners, policy makers, stakeholders, and all other members of the Demand Response and Smart Grid community.

This case study series is one of the ways that ADS works to carry out its mission. ADS would like to thank the US Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability for helping to make this presentation possible.

How this series came about

In 2007 congress enacted the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). A provision in that Act directed DOE and FERC to work with stakeholders and develop a National Action Plan on Demand Response. In the following response DOE and FERC did indeed put forth the National Action Plan. One of the things that the Plan identified as a need of the DR community was the identification of lessons learned by those individuals, companies, and organizations that had already been involved with demand response programs, products, and other activities.

As you can guess, there was considerable desire by members of the DR community to find out what had gone before them and to find out what people had encountered in implementing demand response programs, how they responded to challenges that were put before them, and so on.

This case study series is focused on lessons learned and it’s intended as a way for people to learn from others and see which of those lessons, if any, might be applicable to the things that they’re trying to do.

So what is a case study interview?

We normally think of case studies as being a detailed and probably technical report that thoroughly examines a project or a program, and it focuses on documenting results. What we’re trying to do, however, is focus on the narrative or story of a project or a program.

Our focus is on learning how a program has unfolded. And so as we proceed with our interviews we’re going to be talking about how and why programs were created and what the timeline for those programs were. We’re going to look at what technology was chosen and why. We’re going to look at the promotion, marketing, and communications related to those programs. We’ll be talking a little bit about budgets and cost, and we’ll be talking about the evaluation of the programs. Then perhaps most importantly we’re going to be talking about the lessons learned.

We also ask our guests to talk about what changes were necessary in their programs and to look back at the programs and maybe identify some things that could have been done differently based on what’s known now.

If you would like to participate in a Case Study Interview or nominate a program or project for a case study, please contact ADS.

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